Saturday, March 15, 2014


The safe storage of food and drinks has just become a whole lot more convenient at the Deviot Hall thanks to a grant from the West Tamar Council awarded to the Deviot Community under the  West Tamar Council Community Grants Programme 2013/2014.
The grant of $2000 allowed the Deviot Community Association to purchase new for the hall a fridge/freezer, an urn, a microwave oven and a vacuum cleaner.
All items we will make good use of in forthcoming fundraising events to be held at the Hall.
On behalf of  Deviot Residents and all users of the Deviot Hall  the DCA says a big THANK – YOU to the West Tamar Council.
We also thank Robert Fergusson’s Store in Invermay for their generous price reduction on this package of goods and for the prompt and professional  delivery of the items to the Hall.

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