Heritage Orchard

TLC Required Urgently
A photo taken on a recent visit to the garden at the Deviot Hall shows how desperately it requires some care and attention. The abundance of spring growth looks glorious but unfortunately if there is not some support and help in this area it will soon be overtaken by weeds.

Cox's Orange Pippin

Our Heritage Apple and Pear Orchard in Deviot is now well and truly on the way. After the removal of a row of big Macrocarpa stumps (photo1) last year we are now making big steps towards the planting of our trees this winter.

Thanks to the grant, we received from the Australian Open Garden Scheme and the very successful selling of our knitted Beanies, we are in the very fortunate position to provide another focus point for our very active community.

stump removal at the new orchard

Start of March we concreted in most of the posts for the fencing (photo2-4). 
Thanks to Rod Wivell with his big tractors and the hard work of Greg Ellick, Greg Hockey and Paul it was a very productive day.
Big thanks also to Rex from Exeter Concrete, who donated and delivered the concrete for the big hole at the north east corner.

The next steps are:
1.       Preparation of the ground by loosening and levelling out the soil with an excavator and enriching it with manure (12 March 2011).

2.       Putting the metal posts for the espalier rows in and painting and capping the timber fence posts (26 March 2011).

3.       Large working bee to install the fence, lay out the edging for the rows, compressing the path way (10 April).

4.       Covering the area with hail netting. Soil testing for pH, adding lime if necessary (May 2011).

5.       Planting of 6 established trees (photo 5 shows our Cox Apples this year), herbs and one lemon tree in winter 2011.

6.       Mulching and installation of drip irrigation pipes.

7.       Installation of signs (AOGS and other sponsors, entrance sign, explanation about the trees)

corner posts going in !

Orchardist Bradley Ashlin has grafted another 10 trees for us to be ready for planting in winter 2012. 

Thank you very much, Brad!

Do you want to get involved in this beautiful community project?

Come along to the large working bee on Sunday, 10 April from 10am onwards.
Bring your fencing gear, pliers, spade, rake, hammer... and give us a hand.

Do you have a ‘Jumping Jack’ compactor to prepare the pathway in the Orchard?

Would you like to look after the busy bees and prepare some lunch and coffee for us in the Deviot Hall kitchen?

Please contact Bettina for any questions or to offer your help or assistance: 0439305606

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